Little One

Parkinsons is not pleasant – that much is flippin’ obvious but it’s the insidious way it robs you of the joy of life that gets me the most. Not today. Today has been quietly wonderful. Elder whizzed off to school (literally, you should see that child on his scooter) and Little One and I went for tea and chats at a friend’s house.

No biggie until you appreciate that each time I have to put LO in a buggy or the car, or change his nappy or put him in his highchair in fact, it’s a major gamble on my part whether I’m going to be able to do it properly and quickly. i always do it but sometimes it’s incredibly hard work. And the anticipation (dread) of that effort drains the fun out of you. Not today. LO is getting older and can communicate much better so I’ve started treating him accordingly and it works!!!

It is unbelievable. I can’t express how happy I am. I feel like a ‘proper’ mother. We’ve just been trading kisses before bedtime, how lovely. Truly, there is light at the end of the tunnel. So stuff Parkinsons and all it’s nasty implications. Today I reclaimed a bit of my life and role and I feel fantastic.

Update: a further bit of positive news, I’m getting some support on the NHS to help me ‘accept’ the diagnosis – it’s a long story but I am feeling relieved that someone else agrees that (a) I am not being a diva and (b) there’s practical help out there – hurrah!


2 responses to “Light”

  1. This is a post to like for so many reasons! I’m so pleased to hear that you had such a good day.

    (Mine wasn’t bad; I sold a painting for the very first time today! I also managed to successfully get a friend’s 18 month old into his car seat, something that I suddenly – after unthinkingly starting – realised might be a bit more difficult than it used to be. Oh, how glad I am that my youngest is 5 and no longer needs a) lifting into the seat or b) fiddly put-three-bits-together fastenings on her car seat.)


  2. Tell me about it!! Congratulations on the sale – that’s brilliant news!


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