Can you see what I see?


If you were diagnosed with a degenerative disease would you want to find out about it? Would you do your research or block your ears and sing lalalala very loudly?

You’ve probably guessed I’m belting out show tunes at the top of my voice. But I’m trying to engage a little more because I want to stave off upping the meds. They make me dizzy and can cause hallucinations. Gulp.

I’m sure I saw Mr Poo driving around yesterday…..Can you see him?!


3 responses to “Can you see what I see?”

  1. Well, I’m a researching type and so that’s what I did, as you, Quarkee, have no doubt worked out! Having a background in science (as I do) probably helps, but it wasn’t quite the right science (biology? Pah! Too girly, too easy. Me do physics! And English. And art. I know, I’m strange), so my knowledge levels weren’t all that high. And then, well, it’s emotionally difficult to apply all that stuff to yourself. I tend to read about it all in the abstract, and then generally insist to myself that they didn’t take the Young Onset folks into account (because they often don’t), or everybody’s different – it won’t happen like that for me!. But I know I’m probably whisting in the wind. I know my future ain’t gonna be the way I used to think. And I know I’ve got to live for the moment.

    Hey, have I told you about my new blog? All mention of Parkinson’s is banned there. It’s just art. And related stuff.


    1. this is vvv wierd…I did Physics too, and Art (but stopped the latter after A levels, i did a BSc in Physics) – what are the chances of that?!? Must go and lie down. We should have a discussion about the ineraction between the 2 sometime. WIll go have a look at your blog tonight when I get home…in a very strange symmetry Ive just started a PD blog but havent unveiled it yet…still thinking about whethe rto keep it up or not. Are you sure you’re not my twin ?!


      1. My BSc was actually Chemical Physics, which is a bit obscure. I didn’t do the A-level in art until after higher education – at evening class. I started an OU degree that was going to be based around art history, but I had my children about half way through that.

        The interaction between science and art is subtle, I reckon, and fascinating. I rather think that the division between the two is artificial, and damaging. Where would either be without simple observation? Or leaps of imagination?

        I started my PD blog for a variety of reasons, but the main one was because I couldn’t find much in the way of YOPD anecdotes and experiences, particularly from this side of the pond. I would, of course, be interested in yours, should you choose to unveil it.

        Twins? Well, I don’t have one that I know of (I have a very lovely younger sister, though), but you and I do seem to have a lot in common, don’t we?


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