Have you ever watched TOWIE? Amy, the pneumatic beautician has a wonderful habit of uttering the single word ‘awk-ward’ to sum up difficult situations. I love her even though I know I shouldn’t.

Awkward sums it up very nicely indeed for me right now. I’ve been reading Zalamanda’s excellent blog about explaining Parkinson’s to young children. I’ve ordered the story books from Parkinson’s UK. But it’s a toughie. Do I give Elder some more information about why mummy’s hands don’t ‘work’ sometimes. I haven’t decided but Zalamanda’s made me think about it which is probably a good thing.

Onto more cheery stuff, let’s not get bogged down. My sewing swap effort survived near fatal disaster (drama queen, moi?) last night at knitting club. My punishment for taking stitching to a yarnfest. I embroidered a motif I loved only to find I’d used the wrong fabric piece!!! Quick emergency consultations ensued and a rescue attempted. The patient survived. Phew! Want to see? Here’s a peek. Don’t tell though, it’s a surprise !



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