I could make that!

To WH Smith and my hot sticky mitts curl around the new Prima Christmas Makes magazine. Hey, at £3.99 its a quid cheaper than Let’s Knit, I’ve a 3 hr journey ahead of me and I have enough 10mm needles (the LK freebie) to see me through until retirement. Prima is duly plumped for.

What’s in it I hear you wail. Weeeelllll….lots of papercrafts which I know are popular but are yet to float my crafty boat. One day maybe. The ubiquitous Christmas biscuits recipes but they are interesting shapes and I love the new years eve ones. Look.


So, if I suddenly could magic a few extra hours in the day what would I be getting on with ? My picks…or should I say my pics.






So, quite a lot then. Some things will never change.

PS sorry for wobbly pictures, I’m on the train!


One response to “I could make that!”

  1. Ooh I love the Prima xmas mag.!


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