Tag it!

I’ve been asked how I made the tags I posted yesterday. It’s more a shopping list tbh.

I got plain luggage tags from our local stationers – 60p for 10 – bargain. The heart stamps are clear acrylic stamps from Hobbycraft. I know, it’s like B&Q but I was exploring our new one. The stamps are placed on acrylic blank ‘bars’ and then inked using ink pads. This is a whole new world for me. The acrylic stuff is pretty damn impressive. Detailed stamps and cheap too. The large heart was £1.99.

Then stamp!

The words were ‘written’ individually using a typewriter font alphabet set of stamps I got off eBay ages ago.

I’m thinking of other ideas now. Using fabric paint and printing on fabric is my next adventure I think. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a different design.



2 responses to “Tag it!”

  1. Love them all! ps The The Butterfly Knitting Swap raised over £160 today & there was yummy Christmas cake too!


  2. They’re lovely. I’ve been buying luggage tags for a different reason (labelling paintings for sale), and I could only find white – fine for my purposes, but not so attractive as your brown card ones.


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