What special kind of madness did I suffer from all those years I wonder?


I’m on the first train out of Stitch City on my way to Big London with only a cuppa and a Danish between me and coma-like exhaustion. I used to do this at least twice a week! It’s frightening how quickly you lose your stamina. But then I’m glad I don’t need it (much). Anyway, at least I get a Danish!

In other news I got a lovely parcel through the post yesterday from the gentle folk at the frankly brilliant magazine oh comely. It’s brilliant and now I know the staff are ace too because I won a pot of Neal’s Yard Wild Rose face balm. Look!


Think right-on version of that wonderful Eve Lom cleanser. I have great hopes.

Perhaps it will help remove the suitcases under my eyes. Got to be worth a go, eh?!


5 responses to “Brrrrrr”

  1. Oh my god, how are you on a train so early? Neal’s Yard stuff is lovely. Rose balm smells much nicer than stinky Eve Lom! Still haven’t seen Oh Comely mag, can you bring it to knitting group?


    1. The sun is just rising…….will bring mag on Monday. I’ve taken out a subscription now. Blardy marvellous. History of biscuits, dog’s eye view of walkies, arty photo shoots, indigo dying etc etc. no 100 top gift lists. Hurrah.


    2. I love La Lom. Especially the smell. Reminds me of when I had the time and money to use it. Sigh.


      1. Reminds me of morning sickness!


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