So predictable…

So I was torn about this post. Do I reflect on times past, review 2011, or do I look forward and consider my resolution(s). Well, dear reader, as a nod to optimism I choose to go forwards, move on.

I could have made a massive list of resolutions, I normally do. But then, as they fall by the wayside you feel such a fraud, well I do. So instead of that, this year I’m keeping it simple. It’s very chic, non? Everybody’s going back to basics, why not me?

So my resolution, slightly naff though it may sound, is To Choose Life. Well, I am a child of the 80’s (ok, teen) and I never got to wear one of Those t-shirts. What do I mean by my little slogan? Whenever I have to make a choice I will choose the option that’s enhances my and my family’s life. Simples.

So, do I eat that bar of chocolate? No, I’ll have a bit and save the rest. Do I actually listen to my physio and do some exercise? You bet I do, I’m not going to start shutting down quite yet if I can help it. Do I have a sleep rather than do the ironing? Ah ha! Trick question! I don’t iron unless physically forced and no doubt that will remain unchanged, I am not a saint or weirdo after all.

Anyway, that’s the theory. My hope is that I’ll be able to keep true to this goal. Let’s face it, I have to, don’t I? Now, do you think Ms. Hammett has an eBay shop?


7 responses to “So predictable…”

  1. Dunno about an eBay shop, but there is a standalone online thingumajig…

    As for your blogging quandary; I took the third way and blatantly ignored the new year 😉


    1. The 3rd way is quite often the best, ’tis true.


  2. Sounds like a great mantra for the new year!


    1. I’ve been chanting…


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