Better late….


So, having recovered from a potential hack attack, here I am with some thoughts on new years resolutions for 2013. Overall, I tend to shy away from them. In 2012 I went for an attitude rather than a specific goal. And it was pretty good. My life has changed radically in the last year and I want to keep up the momentum.

So, I continue to choose life this year with an emphasis on reducing my dependence on stress inducing activities. I like change on the whole and I have to prepare for when I have to make more fundamental changes in the future. Lets make it enhancing not depressing.

One practical goal is to make enough money independently to cover my day to day frivolities (quilts and such). Then I can focus on quality rather than salary when it comes to work. So expect penny wise posting and more making. And hopefully selling, a bit. And a reduced stash mountain. Win!

Back to the hack…weird post appeared early New Year’s Day. I have deleted and changed security. I hope it’s enough.

Finally, happy new year to everyone. 2012 was the year this blog found its feet. I’m hoping we sprout some wings next!!


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