Mix it up


So, where to start then? I’ve been ruminating on the juxtaposition of all the new, shiny technology out there and the ahem, traditional Arts of the Stitch. Isn’t it great that they can lie next to each other, happy and comfortable? Well, they do in my house.

So, what are my experiences so far and what do I plan for this little patch (work)?  I have an eclectic approach to life, I think you’ll agree if you’ve ever cast your beadies over my Other Blog. So how about…..

Software – quilting in the main. There is a plethora of programmes out there and I’ve got a few. I’ll have a wander throu their pros and cons, what they can do and what support there is out there. The other big area is embroidery. I am lucky enough to have inherited a Bernina computerised machine from my Mother and you can do funky things with embroidery, pre designed and free style. I also want to go looking for new offerings too.

Online learning, workshops and tutorials – this is where I came in a few years ago. There’s so much out there: blogs, courses, forums, chat…ooooh, let me at ’em?

Hardware -mixed thoughts about this one. Is there any mileage in looking at the latest computerised sewing machines, knitting paraphernalia etc etc. I’m not about to go buy a new machine so maybe we’ll round up reviews or something. Suggestions? Sponsorships ?!

Apps – this is my newest stomping ground, and it gets muddy in places I can tell you. Walk with me as we try to find the good ones without being totally ripped off.

Media – oh, I do like a good Tweet, podcast, digital mag or blog. Let’s see what’s out there shall we?

I think that’s enough for a Friday night, don’t you? All I need to do now is find a way of creating a further 2 hours a day for me to fit this in….ideas? Now THAT would make a good blog post!!!!


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