The Sound of Music

Always up for an invocation of the Greatest Musical Ever, I’ve been meaning to write about PD and music for ages but it’s been so busy recently. What’s new?! Anyway here we go, quite literally.

I have a theory that you are either touched by music or not. What I mean is that you either enjoy a nice song or bop or (if you are one of the lucky ones) you are almost physically drawn into the vortex, getting dragged into the melody, the beat, the different tracks, the lyrics etc etc. I am firmly in the latter camp. Always have been.

I signpost my life with food and music. First date with Other Half? Tequila and Mexican Salsa (not our style normally but hey, that’s what love does to a girl). Elder’s birth? The Reflex (I was so pleased he hung on for a decent track) and glucose tablets. College? Jesus Jones and Big Purple Meanies. It goes on…

I had read of other PD bods (‘Pods’?) getting musical relief as it were but recently I have found that, with the right track, it’s as if it has fallen away from me and I can march along with best of them. It’s like a shot of adrenalin. It probably IS a shot of adrenalin. I love it. Tonight’s hit was courtesy of the Foo Fighters, the Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and the Arctic Monkeys. Gaga is particularly effective too as are Green Day. I’m sitting on the train on the way back from Bristol. I am whacked but it’s ok because Depeche Mode are in my ears. Ace.

If you’re reading this and you have illness, stress or similar why not try a shot of the aural stuff. What have you got to lose apart from your eardrums?!


2 responses to “The Sound of Music”

  1. Lovely post.

    I think that music is a strong force interweaved with the stuff of life (or something). It may be that the rhythym helps us move and the melody draws us in. Personally, I love a song with strong lyrics, too; vocal pieces almost always appeal over instrumentals – it’s easier to relate to a piece of music if it sounds human!


  2. thanks. i’m agnostic over vocal vs instrumental – a good bit of Mozart or Vivaldi gets me just as much as Nine Inch Nails. i LOVE choral musici too…


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