Oh dear. A new project beckons. Like the colours?

In other news…I can’t remember whether I ever mentioned that I’ve been seeing a psychologist as recommended by my wonderful Parkinson’s nurse. It was to help me think through the ramifications of my diagnosis. Thank you NHS. Well, I’m nearing the end of my sessions and I Have had chance to reflect on what I’ve learnt as a result.

I’m working hard on reducing my metaphorical ‘plate’ of commitments and have got much better at saying no. No. See? I’m making time for me (slivers of time, but time nevertheless) and I’m focussing on what is important. My family, my making, enjoying my job, getting a balance.

I’m sure this is a Forth Bridge type of job but I’m having a go. Part of that is recognising that I will never be a starter-finisher. I’m a starter all the way. Off I go!


One response to “Genesis”

  1. mmmm????? blue & green, should never be seen without a colour in between…. “They say” Who are “They” anyway?


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