So not Martha

God I must love my Elder son….I have spent HOURS making a travesty of a birthday cake I have also taken him to a school disco, bought glow sticks to prop up our parents’ association and iced little cakes for hm to give to his friends at Going Home Time this afternoon. I am pooped! The cake has been traumatic. All I can say is how wonderful is ready to roll icing?!?! It covers up all manner of error. I had to go for a panda because I had loads of white and not much black. I had my iPad next to me and I copied a panda design off google. Brilliant. His ears are wonky but hey, who cares. What do you think?? Apologies for the shadow…

Update: the panda was a hit! Yessssssss! Here he is once completed.



One response to “So not Martha”

  1. Well done you! very artistic


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