Frame it!


So, you know I like a bargain? I wandered into my local charity emporium recently and spied an inoffensive frame. Boring but a good size. I got it home and only then realised it was a little big for the photo to I had had in mind. Look. Oops.


So, I decided to HIDE the error! Enter my button stash…And some gold ink I had lying around. Trusty glue gun and a bit of vintage lace and…voila!!


A bit daft I know but way more interesting, no?Not my normal style…what do you think? Be honest now…


3 responses to “Frame it!”

  1. Cute as a button! Great idea


  2. Photo frames are often needlessly boring (and too darn narrow to work with my oil paintings). This works really well with the monochrome (and very cute) shot.


  3. Glad you like it…it’s more flouncy than my normal style but it’s growing on me. The little cutie is Elder when he was younger. Awwwww.


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