Splish splash

No, the title isn’t down to the weather. I will draw a waterproof veil over that. No, today was notable for the fun I had with Elder down at the local pool. It’s been so long since we had the chance to go and now I’m getting more sleep and looking after myself a little better I felt much more capable and happy to go. We had a blast.

In other news I invented a canapé – cherry tomato tiny tarts. Devoured by Elder, Little One and Other Half. Pastry, whole cherry Tom and then cheese on top. Voila! Simple but actually really nice. Granted, I need tO work on presentation.

And finally a new sewing box has joined the fold

It’s made from yew and is an eBay bargain. I’ve been a little busy thereon lately. Expect more on that in a few days…hurry up postie. In the meantime, the reason for the purchase is the cunning thread rack within the box. Look…

What a great idea. Patent it now, someone. Anyway, that’s my round up. I’m finding it easier to chat that I anticipated so I’m very happy you are sticking with me. I can hold a pretty god conversation with myself if required but it’s much nicer to have company don’t you think?


2 responses to “Splish splash”

  1. Am loving the sewing box and must admit to slight envy!!! Glad you’re sleeping better – it make such a difference.


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