Now where was I!?

You remember we have a little bolt hole in Brixham? Well I’m very pleased to say friends and family are enjoying it as well as us. So we thought a Welcome Book would be a good idea. Info about the house like where the main stopcock is and recommendations for days out etc etc.

But what to house this gold mine of detail in? A file is practical but boring. Hmmmmmm

Our trusty charity emporium came to the rescue in the form of maps – lots of them. So, some Decoupatch glue and an hour or so later and we have a customised folder for Brixham. Want to see?





It’s drying now. I’m quietly thrilled with it. A few finishing touches and it’ll be ready. Hope you like the end result!


2 responses to “Now where was I!?”

  1. It looks lovely.
    I remember once upon a time you could buy writing paper made of surplus maps. I rather liked it. I used to write a lot of letters then…


  2. Thanks! It was very absorbing to make. Definately something I’d try again.

    I remember pen and ink…..


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