So soon, so soon. One last hurrah at Goodrington, one blast at soft play and we are heading back to normality, housework and shoes. We are back soon but it’s still a wrench leaving beautiful Brixham in the blazing sun. Hard to believe we’ve been there less than a year, I feel so settled. I’ve even started a blue bunny in crochet who is destined to be a Brixham resident.

This holiday has in turns been funny, tiring, silly and contemplative. A good mix all in all. I hope you enjoy yours too.


  1. hipoptimist says:

    So glad you had a good time. Hooray for Devon! Brixham is one of my favourite towns – and you had great weather too. Hope we get to see the blue bunny.


    1. stitch this says:

      Thanks! It’s raining here at home but I’m looking forward to our next trip down. How do you know Brixham?


      1. stitch this says:

        Have just read your blog…forget my daft question. Living nearby is a good reason!!


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