Fly the flag

So, Other Half has been shopping. Now when I shop I dabble in charity emporia. OH takes it to a whole other level, however. He has bought a boat. Or half a boat to be precise. It’s a floating family holiday home, he says. And I’m quietly excited tbh. My boys will be little fishes!

Elder and I have been creating in anticipation. A flag to fly when we are aboard. We went to Brixham’s brand new sewing shop (yessss!!!!!) the Brixham Sewing Box and stocked up and my olympic dazzled Elder provided the design. I made to order in an hour or do. There are 4 flags, one for each of us. Bless. And he insisted on buttons. I’m so proud!

OH was very pleased with his surprise present I’m glad to say. The boat is yet to pass comment. She’s too busy bobbing.

update: this is my 400th post! Yikes!






One response to “Fly the flag”

  1. How curiously resonant. My OH bought a (whole) boat earlier this year. ‘Twas, apparently, a bargain on eBay. But it’s not a floating holiday home. It’s a sailing dinghy. Fortunately, OH – being Cornish – knows how to sail (less fortunately, he left the sails behind the first time he took it to the sea. And the rowlocks. He had to go back for them).

    I’m a landlubber with a tendency towards seasickness, so the thoughts of ducking the boom in a (rather attractive) 10 foot open boat weren’t terribly appealing. I went painting while he and his parents continued introducing our children to the delights of messing around on boats.

    (More painting time… Result!)


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