Calling Mr Tickle

I am quite excited. I’ve got tomorrow off and I’ve got tickets for the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham. Yay!!

I’m on a mission. I want somebody with long arms. Specifically a longarm machine quilter. I am going to finally do something with my beautiful Tree of Life antique top I scored last year. Look…




I am also thinking about framing it and making a massive wall hanging out of it. I’m talking to some textile restorers about what this will entail. Ok, cost. But progress of some sort in any case.

I will take lots of pictures to show you tomorrow. Tell me if I get boring. The Festival is quite an experience. I’ve had pieces on show three times and had planned on entering this year but Life got in the way. My mother was a mad quilter and I always think of her as I gaze at some awesome creation. She would never have believed quilting could be so big, modern and fresh. I wonder if she’d like the newer styles. She would have been green with envy over the Tree quilt though. It would be nice to be able to share it with her. Tree of Life indeed.


3 responses to “Calling Mr Tickle”

  1. Oh I’m jealous, it looks like a great exhibition. Have a great time (and take loads of pics!)


  2. What a stunning quilt. The workmanship is just beautiful. I am looking forward to reading about the festival!


  3. Isnt it lovely. Imagine how long it took to make. I would love to know its history. It’s all hand stitched too. I got it on eBay and have been thinking about what I could do with it ever since….


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