Plate envy

I have been rereading old posts and in particular this one. I’m still battling with my metaphorical plate. I’m supposed to be emptying it and I have had some success but then all these projects arise. What’s a girl to do?

Latest one is this triumph of a quilt top, thanks eBay. Seriously, isn’t it worth sacrificing some plate space for?! A hand pieced Tree of Life. Indigo and white. Love it.

I’m brimming with quilting designs. It’ll be after Christmas at least but if I could I’d crack open the batting now.



It’s times like this when I want more hours and fewer chores.

Bin the brushes and get that needle threaded! That top is calling my name. A Stitchy Siren. Anyone want to come a mop my floors?!?! No, thought not. Don’t blame you 🙂


2 responses to “Plate envy”

  1. […] machine quilter. I am going to finally do something with my beautiful Tree of Life antique top I scored last year. […]


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