Pegged out

I am whacked. The rest of the family have gone to Dartmouth regatta but Little One and me stayed home and now he’s in bed. Silence. Bliss. PD means that when you get tired you REALLY get tired, reducing me to a teary wreck. So I bowed out of the trip and here I am. Getting inspiration for my next make from my bucket and today’s trip to Goodrington. Look at the beach huts.


Lovely aren’t they? And I have no peg bag here in Brixham which is flipping annoying when your peg basket (a plastic tub which is just rubbish) keeps blowing over jettisoning pegs on its downwards trajectory. Sooooooo, I think a beach hut peg bucket is called for. My initial ideas are below.

I’m off to raid my holiday stash box. What do you mean you go on holiday without a stash? Are you mad!!!



2 responses to “Pegged out”

  1. Great idea. How about some nautical knots to enhance the handles 🙂 I love beach huts.


  2. Like the knots idea!!


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