I chose the photography session for the break out bit …. Cool cool venue, like being inside the Studio where ‘Mike TV cops it in Charlie and the chocolate factory….

Rules were discussed. I don’t like rules per se so I was interested in what i could take away. Here’s a flavour

the rule of thirds – what are the important elements and where do you want them? If a person, focus on the eyes, for example. I’m getting my iPhone out to check whether I have adhered to this rule….mostly not. But I agree with the concept of making you think about a picture a little more to make it more appealing. At least I understand why the crop function on my camera divides the picture up into 9!!!

Don’t be a tourist – use perspective, change the viewpoint, be different. I like this one, right up my crooked street.

The pros and cons of iPhones was very helpful….for example you can switch on a rule of thirds grid apparently!!! We were all sitting there playing with our phones and thinking about snipers, vintage cakes and dodgy bathroom snaps. Cropping as a beauty tool – I highly recommend a good chop myself, it’s the main tool I use along with saturation mixing.

Google reverse image search had us all gasping. I can see a new obsession forming….along with tagging and naming images.

All in all a really helpful session. Excellent…and I went for a one to one session later in the clinic which was brilliant too. Move over Bailey, Stitch is here….


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