Change it!

How blogging can change the world…in 30 or so minutes. Sounds too good to be true, right? I am in this session by mistake really. I could be construed a being quite cynical about our ability to chnage the world. cynical but hopeful. So, this might be biased. But I thought it would be interesting….Continue reading “Change it!”

Lets stick together

So, lets look forward…quite frankly, the present is too tedious to focus on…what’s coming up here at Stitchopolis? Well, my New Year’s Resolution was to declutter and Choose Life. I see no reason to abandon this goal. I’ve done some serious decluttering this year, actively and passively. And that means space. Space to create aContinue reading “Lets stick together”

Want to blogalong?

It’s been a period of change here at Stitch Towers. I’m still finalising my plans but I think my future is going to encompass a variety of different styles of working. An economic sampler of sorts. How very modern of me! Actually, it’s quite exciting and daunting at the same time but I’m aiming forContinue reading “Want to blogalong?”