That was the day that was

So, this is meant to be my well thought out analysis of the Mumsnet Blogfest 2012. But then, hey, is that what you expect from me? Or can we cut to the chase and go with my gut reactions instead? More immediate dont you think…so here goes…

Getting up at 4.50am kind of makes you very tired but is completely worth it when you have the promise of meeting virtual friends like Salt and Caramel, Madame Guillotine, Made by Tamsin etc etc. which I did, so I did get up and creep out the house eye way too early.

Throughout the day I had flashes of inspiration which were such a relief after the frankly traumatic past few weeks. What flashes I hear you plead? Well, if we could just hold it together for long enough women could demolish the insidious discrimination that still dominates daily life. Almost every person I spoke to had faced or were facing similar pressures to me – small children, job uncertainty, distant dreams, no time – you know the drill. And they’d come out the other side, they were sharing experiences, learnings, tips and guidance. All without any obvious financial or otherwise motivation. It felt like it was done out of a genuine wish to see the Mumsnet Network be just that, a living, breathing network providing support and yes, protection, as and when it’s members needed it.

Sometimes you forget to be nice just for the sake of it. The conference reminded me of the power of unselfishness. I know it sounds like Pollyanna but that’s my overriding impression of the day. And I’m so glad it is.

Oh yes, and:

No snarkyness plea from La Moran – I WANT her hair.
Nice shoes
The bloggess (she followed me on twitter during the session she was on, I almost fainted)
The lovely Natasha from Crochet Time
Missing the lady from Prima
My ebook
Stitch bomb possibilities after donating some handy work to MN Towers with the lovely Dillytante
Wondering where the MN head honchos buy their (very modern, hip, nice) clothes from and how could I sorce similar from my local charidee – still tackling that one
Did I mention cheese? My hearty congratulations to the sponsors, the British Cheese Board. Really. Genius name. Perfect.

Book for 2013. It’s worth it for the cheese alone.


  1. Great day for all I agree, and I’d also love to source some of those hip clothes. Whatta view! And not enough chatter for me, it took me so long to absorb, process, warm up. Sort of turning into an inside-out blogger – not immediate for me! I think I also need to quietly reason at the house for a more savvy blogpost, but on Saturday I came away with new ideas, some acquired boldness, and scoffed that organic chocolate on the train! Xcatinitaly

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