Choice cuts

You may have heard, I went to the Mumsnet blog fest last weekend. The day after, there was a flurry of comments and activity after one of the attendees, Liz Jones of the Daily Mail, Published an ‘opinionated’ article which wasn’t too kind about bloggers who focus on domestic (as in tea towels rather than territories) issues and discussion.

The unpleasantness extended beyond authors comments outward in a ring of shock and anger to her readers, mumsnet community and the press in general.

I could comment on La Jones but I’m with cold comfort crafts on this one. The Most striking aspect in my opinion is that a large proportion of the outraged felt it was acceptable to denigrate the ‘ mummy blogger’ population. Why? Because they are writing about small, female stuff like family life, domestic pressures, illness, mental health, redundancies, shoes and cake. And, Whisper It, knitting.

And when that this sort of judgey behaviour kicks in, my initial and indeed last thought on the matter is no wonder men rule the world still. We get all het up on divisive argument when if we acted like true sisters we’d have managed equality years ago. What a waste. If you can’t let another woman emote freely how the hell can you support her as she smashes through the glass ceiling.

You can bake and be familiar with boardrooms. Or neither. It’s your choice. And that’s the point. Choice.


2 responses to “Choice cuts”

  1. Well said. I have been in the boardroom this week and will be next week but I still baked pudsey bear cakes and wore pudsey bear ears to work!
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