Star Wars

Today’s poem is courtesy of Elder. I asked him for a subject. He said Star Wars. I have obeyed.

Do you remember Star Wars?
The real one, the one that started it all
Remember the growls of Chewbacca
And best of all, Harrison Ford?

I do. I went to the cinema.
I went with my mum and my dad.
We sat and we shivered and nibbled
Elizabeth Shaw Mints in a bag

And now its my eldest who loves it.
Clone Wars is the thing to watch now.
It’s slick and it’s smart and it’s pacey.
The graphics alone are a wow.

They play it at break time
They buy all the kits
They follow the series
Oh yes it’s a hit

But is it as good as the real thing
Does it have heart and soul ?
Or is it just because I am jaded
And feeling particularly old?

I guess there is no real answer
I guess There is no right and wrong
all I know is that Lego And other big names
Can Confirm that the Force remains strong


3 responses to “Star Wars”

  1. I love that, may the force always be strong 🙂


  2. My son loved this poem and he’s going to share it at school. Thank you for writing it.


    1. That’s absolutely brilliant! Let me know how it goes…thankyou!!


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