The serious poem


Well, it had to come up at some point. It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week starting Monday. The campaign is focused on what it’s like to have PD – you can see more at

Here’s my take…

Have you ever felt time slow right down?

Seen yourself from afar and adrift?
Left yourself, stepped away and observed
As your world falls impart with no sound.
You’re the same, you protest, there’s no change
But your body can’t quite seem to agree
There are times when you glimpse what’s in store
So you stare, swallow hard and persist
Keep on trying, get up, start each day
Take the pills, swallow hard, don’t moan on and on.
I am angry, my life has been turned
My plans are all scuppered and burned.
I’ve got new ones and dreams that I dream
But they’re not first editions, pristine.
Man is unique, we evolve under stress
Stronger souls would embrace such a test
But I twist and I turn in my binds
I am not Saint material, I find.
I am human, and tired and fed up
Yet, I know I will never give up
But that’s because there’s no option to choose
There’s no halfway, no safe place, no hide
Bloody Parkinson’s fights you from inside
So, why write this and open it up
Show the world how I deal with my lot?
I am set, I want you to know
I may shake, but this can’t be the end
Not the start of the end either, no.
It’s a shift in my life
A change in the song
A bit out of tune but I’ll try to sing on
So bear with me when I freeze and trip
When I swear when the seatbelt won’t clip
Count to ten
I will too
And we’ll muddle on through
To the stanza, the chorus, the end.

2 responses to “The serious poem”

  1. That’s a really strong poem. I like it.


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