Light touch

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I have never played with lampshades before, but I Will again. I’m thrilled! Want to make one too? Here’s how..

find an old lampshade. Mine was 50p from my local charidee. I ripped off the lampshade tape top and bottom but left the shade.

using watered down PVA glue, stick scraps of fabric all over, covering the shade. Cover the shade with a thin layer of glue once done and leave to dry. Once dry, trim the edges and stitch down any loose bits. Use a thimble as its tough to get a needle through (or I’m just weak).

Finish off by binding the edges with fabric washi tape. Mine is from ebay. Marvellous stuff.



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  1. […] went to ikea today and survived. Not only that I managed to get. Stand for my up cycled lampshade. You like? It’s going in my office, to cheer me as I […]


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