Holes were today’s theme. One appeared in our hall floor this morning. How kind of it to drop in. Other Half soon saw it off with the help of some plywood and a hammer.

The other hole is less tangible but harder to mend. Elders best friend moved to a new school today. Best friend since Reception. Blood brothers. And BFs mum is one of my best friends. Another hole to darn. Darn it.

I am sure we’ll all stay together but the tight little unit we had will change. Yes, maybe for the better but it wasn’t broken before.

So, at the moment I’m staring at a hole. Someday it will become a space, space to grow and develop and change. But today, dear reader, it’s a deep, dark hole. Roll on tomorrow.


2 responses to “Holes”

  1. I have a few patchwork pieces for little holes , left over from several past moves & changed friendships……. & with my specs on I could darn them for you! xx big hugs


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