long in the (blue)tooth

Bluetooth as a concept has always perplexed me – i know, i don’t get out much it always seems to have so much potential but it is ultimately disappointing. I’m sure we all have people we know who are similar. anyway, i thought id show you one of the very few gadgets ive come across that is quite marvellous imho.


welcome to my new iPad case…complete with super skinny, very funky blue tooth keyboard. it all fits together to carry around and it ACTUALLY WORKS! i testing i out now:)

i got it from the US for $29, paltry compared to similar cases in the UK. in fact i couldn’t find ones with keyboards like this at all (well not on my corner shop, eBay)

together with my dictation app I’m improving my blogging capacity. there is no escape! You have been warned…


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