Can I explain why, in my opinion, my blogs have gone downhill? I 7sd to be a little intelllcual – USD long w9rds and carried a theme. But that seems to have withered on the proverbial vine. What happened to me?  I was eloquent. I made sense. Spell check wasn’t a base requirement was it fatigue.. Or life. Or what. All I know is that I used to bash out my thoughts and now? Nothing. So frustrating.


3 responses to “Blank”

  1. This condition is tiring; it takes you longer to do stuff, so you have more to do but still the same amount of time. I find I make more typos, so I need the spell check . Partly I blame this poor quality keyboard, but the rest is Parkiness; I don’t hit the keys hard enough, sometimes not at all.


  2. And the tie of year doesn’t help. Cold. Short days. (I’m not even taking into account the incessant wind and rain currently battering the south). Potential stress of approaching festive season…


    1. It’s rubbish isn’t it? Sorry to moan but it’s so frustrating.


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