It’s my birthday this week and, while I wanted a party, I wanted to do something the family would enjoy and that reflected the change in direction my life has taken over the last year. Plus I really fancied doing something a bit different. Enter…the Art Party.

The aim was to get everyone getting arty, creative, relaxed and messy! I’m pleased to report that there was enough paint to let Little One empty not one, not two, but THREE pots of paint all over his masterpiece. Did I mention the masterpieces? I asked everyone to paint me a picture on a piece of card I gave them and to use whatever medium, subject, style they wanted. I collected them together and produced a digital collage which I’m going to have printed up into a poster for my new studio (more on this soon, it’s going to be worth the wait)

Here it is….like it?!?! I do….


We set up the room with differnt ‘stations’. They were, junk making, design a road (and drive cars up and down it)’ printing, paper aeroplane design and races, make a tree from hand prints and finally, Pictionary. We ended up not doing the latter two because the former options were so popular. It was brilliant and everyone really got into it.

I will post again soon with more details re food, party bags and invitations but in the meantime here’s some more pictures.


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