How do you start a post? I normally go with a picture tbh rather than a thought, or action, or event. Today I scrolled thru my recent sketches and found this one…no reason, no forethought, no purpose. Just a picture, a gesture in a moment. And that’s why I love it. It was me…where I was…for a second when I dashed it off. It’s my record rather than words. They fail me so often but this sketch captures a time, a slice. I like that idea. After all, we all only get a slice of time. Make it count.


3 responses to “Process”

  1. Zalamanda !!!! You were my 1000th like!!!!!! Thankyou !!!!!


  2. Well, obviously the art blog starts with a picture.

    But BWP starts with an occurence; a thing that needs writing about. Sometimes, it’s hard to illustrate such posts.

    And The Knife and Fork Factory – that starts with a concept.


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