Imagine that everything

 had a layer of cling 


Held taut as a drum

 against you.

So everything had At least

 one extra step

One more hurdle for you to fly through.

Did I say everything ? I meant everything.

From When Eyes open up, 

till they close.

When I’m Brushing my teeth 

When I’m tying my hair

when I’m struggling to get in my clothes.

When I’m chivvying along on the school run and then 

When I march to my tunes home again

It’s non stop this new life

I can cope but I fight

Fight to say what it’s like

Why I fade, dim my light

Shun the phone

Call in sick

Change the date

Be a flake.

I am trapped

Tightly wrapped 

In that  layer

In that film

So I cling.


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