So, in an attempt to fit all my various projects, responsibilities and ideas into the measly 24 hours of each day (bad design that, there should be at least another two or three hours I reckon) I am going to try to break with tradition and write my blog posts in the day. When I am not whacked. When my fingers actually do what I want them to do. When I am not falling asleep over my illuminated screen. You might, just might get some sense out of me. But let’s not get too excited shall we, let’s just see….

So, today I have a choice. I can either be very very jealous because OH is off to have a lovely day with friends. Lovely day involves chauffeurs, champagne and fabulous food and fun. I must admit, this seems a bit of an obvious choice to me. In fact, no choice. Who wouldn’t be jealous?! 

Or, I can put on my Pollyanna hat and think of things to be savouring today so I too can have a fab day. Because let’s face it, green is not a good look on anybody and I will only succeed in making  myself unhappy which is fairly pointless. 

So, here’s my five things I’m going to be glad about today:

  • I can and did wear a sparkly scarf to the school run today….in the old, corporate, days I wouldn’t have done because I’d have been rushing off to work. PD is a bastard but it does have its upsides. Repeat after me. Silver lining. Silver lining. Silver lining….
  • I get to meet Father Christmas this evening…Little One reminded me of this great privilege this morning. It’s the school fair, FC drops in each year. Who can complain with that?!
  • I am going to spend the day painting. Yay. Yay. YAY!!!!
  • My hair is blue again. I finally went to the hairdressers and had it done again. I love it! Here’s a tiny shot….
  • Get the sick bags ready…OH is going to have a great day. That’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?! I should be glad. I’ve been off to New York and Venice this year. I should not begrudge him a day out filled with bubbles and bling. 

I will keep telling myself all this and it will sink in eventually. I may sound like Pollyanna at times but I’m not like that, I get jealous and cross and grumpy. Don’t we all? What I’m trying to do is accept that, compare it to everything else I DO have and realise that overall it’s a pretty good time, place and existence. Pretty damn good. 
So, have a good brilliant and exceptional Friday everyone. And if you want me to drop a good word in to FC’s shell-like for you, just let me know. I’m easy to spot : blue hair and sparkly scarf. Xxx


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