The timeline is complicated

But unforgivingly straight 

Before the night We shine

We burn

I’m bright, I know

I have letters to prove

To me, at least.

But Perhaps this fire this inner flash

This drive these files this splash

Are my last gasp

My battle cry

Before I start to fade.

I’ll rage against the downwards force

Oppose it with my will

I’ll go down fighting

But I know

I’m going downwards still.

I see it clearly now and then 

I catch a glimpse of truth

And I ignore it

And push on

There’s f2%k all else to do.


3 responses to “Supernova”

  1. I very much understand what you’re saying here. I’ve felt like that a lot over the last few years. Burning bright, scarily too bright, caught up in the adrenaline, fizzing upwards until you fixxle out, burn out, crash out, crash down… only to pick yourself up and get back up and out there because tomorrow is overrated when you have Parkinson’s.

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    1. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet for so long….how are you?


  2. And forgetting to copy edit your own comments 😦 What a fixxle!! I meant fizzle, of course.


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