Have you ever felt submerged by all the demands of life? I do, quite frequently if I’m honest. But then, I have quite a full plate, as do most working mothers I know. However, mix it up with the tendency towards insomnia that PD so kindly bestows upon the Chosen Few and you get an ungodly mix. I’m taking some time to catch up with myself as a result and so far it’s been helpful, to say the least.

The thing that gets me is the unending list of jobs to be done. They pop into my head and then pop out again. Which is a good thing until you realise you’ve forgotten to wash Elder’s footy kit and Little One has no trousers. Oops. So, I’ve started a Day Book. Look here it is.


Today is the first day so I’ve written down all, and I mean all, the jobs niggling me in the front of the book. Then I’m using the back of the book to divi them up into each day so I can make some progress. Where this has fallen down in the past is that I am a perfectionist to a certain degree and I end up giving up because I don’t get it ALL done. This time I’m being inspired by the FlyLady and her continual admonishments that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to do SOMETHING. That has got to be better than giving up. So, here we go. I’ve spent an hour decluttering the playroom thus far. And I’ve emptied this amount of space….



Not Mount Everest I grant you, but better than nothing I think you agree? It’s a difficult balance, keeping the plates spinning. It is for everyone I know. PD just adds a little spice to the mix. I’m hoping my Day Book will skew the odds in my favour.  If you’ve got any hints, tips or horror stories do let me know. It would be good to get some pointers.


4 responses to “Decompression”

  1. I love lists. I do two kinds of lists at once – one for little, easy to do things (like tidy this, fix that) that I can do in a spare 15 minutes snatched here and there, and a bigger one for bigger jobs (like write a will, get the kids’ passport applications sorted etc). And ticking them off when they’re done is soooooooo satisfying! 🙂


  2. Excellent idea – I have enrolled in Fly lady twice……. shiny sink! I t really helps

    Lists are good – we just cross off what we do today & re write a new list for tomorrow, well done!


  3. Huge respect to you!! I’m battliing the PD insomnia trick (taken 9 years to kick in so can’t complain) and it’s flooring me, even though I’m off work amd live alone – children grown and gone. I can’t imagine how you manage to do everything – you should be so proud of yourself. And you’re a real inspiration to me – and I’m sure lots of others, without or without the nasty Parkie.


  4. Ooh, good luck! It looks like you’re off to a good start there. Me, l write lists all the time- usually on Post-lts that falloff my computer/book. But it sort of works. Today, I’m putting the last coat of paint on our chimney breast (which needed filling after the previous occupants removed a glued-on mirror). It’s only taken me 6 years!


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