Scrap Heap Challenge

Day 2’s second poem….an homage to using all your scraps up in the kitchen….the glamour!! Fairly loose leeks Kept in the fridge For weeks Brussel sprouts Crying to get out Of their brown bag And other swag From my unlovely shelves Are chopped And skinned And twinned With shining spices And flashing flavor Until weContinue reading “Scrap Heap Challenge”

Rhyme time

April again….Napowrimo! This one is about time and it’s value Foundations Every waking moment is different and unique It will never come back and we can never peek Backwards and relive our time It runs quicksilver gone But always leaves it’s legacy It’s echo and it’s tone. We may lose every minute yes But eachContinue reading “Rhyme time”

People soup

Porridge tastes better in the dawn As water drips off my wetsuit  a chorus of chatter, of laughs and faint screams  and make mine a chocolate and don’t hold the cream. the sun slowly lighting us up as it lifts  and time is so precious  So relish the gift  and soon we’ll return to realContinue reading “People soup”


The timeline is complicated But unforgivingly straight  Before the night We shine We burn I’m bright, I know I have letters to prove To me, at least. But Perhaps this fire this inner flash This drive these files this splash Are my last gasp My battle cry Before I start to fade. I’ll rage againstContinue reading “Supernova”

Berlin face off 

I was standing on the pavement My fingers cold and stiff  The phone loose in my hand  It’s job done Directions good. I saw my goal Iconic and cool Lines clean against the cobalt rise And then a blue Familiar friend Caught my eye and As I bent Towards its light  I saw my lifeContinue reading “Berlin face off “


I crashed and burned today,  my body just refusing  To move the way I wished it to, I stopped and pain ripped through. My friend appeared and so I asked For help. She did, of course. And so I glided home A passenger  all tucked in tight But weary to the bone. My partner savedContinue reading “Rocking”