Special relativity

This lockdown lark is at turns wonderful, terrible, exhilarating (yes) and depressing. Yesterday was such hard work. Family life isn’t easy at the best of times, and lets face it, these are not the best of times. After almost a whole day of active parenting (for which read, toleration, argument, discipline, apologies, heart to hearts…hugs)Continue reading “Special relativity”


It occurred to me yesterday evening that I have not been really acknowledging the true enormity of the past three weeks; i mean, i have found comfort in taking notice of the smaller pleasures in life…birdsong, i spy games in bed with my youngest while sipping a cup of tea made with love and care,Continue reading “New”


It’s almost 3 weeks,since lockdown…I had good intentions of doing lots of new things….some I have done, others have dropped off my radar. Today’s poem is a haiku about this….


Occasionally it strikes me that this is all realit’s not a film that I would avoidI can’t shut the book in disbelief and rail against the trite and lazy drawing of characters in this play.A farce without exit doors but lots of slamming –no green man running.Instead we think of our grandparents and how theirContinue reading “History”


I wonder if we would have got on if we had met before before I became this before I lost that before I understood what time ticking means before the hand sweeping round to me, Past you. I think we would have chimed. Perhaps a different tune. But in time. In time.