What’s (in) your bag?

It’s Choose-day everyone ..and today I choose to get rid of chaos in my day. A big ask you might think but baby steps and all that…this morning was chaotic to say the least. I couldn’t find my headphones (big problem, my music laden walks are a treat in my day) and I’ve tidied myContinue reading “What’s (in) your bag?”


Have you ever felt submerged by all the demands of life? I do, quite frequently if I’m honest. But then, I have quite a full plate, as do most working mothers I know. However, mix it up with the tendency towards insomnia that PD so kindly bestows upon the Chosen Few and you get anContinue reading “Decompression”

Plate envy

I have been rereading old posts and in particular this one. I’m still battling with my metaphorical plate. I’m supposed to be emptying it and I have had some success but then all these projects arise. What’s a girl to do? Latest one is this triumph of a quilt top, thanks eBay. Seriously, isn’t itContinue reading “Plate envy”


 I’m having a clear out in anticipation of some type of storage for my sewing area. I yearn for ironed piles of fabric in pretty bundles. I actually have this: and that’s the nice bit. I’m fantasising  about dressers, cupboards and 1950’s larders. My ebay watch list is lengthy to say the least. It’s Mother’sContinue reading “destash”

Calling all female superheroes!

It’s Elder’s 5th birthday soon and we’re having a superhero party. Did I mention that already? Anyway all the little girls (and there’s  few) are in a tizzy about what to wear – there are precious few female superheroes out there. So far we have Lava Girl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and my favourite, Superfairy. And oneContinue reading “Calling all female superheroes!”

Technicalities of my knitting life

So I’ve got to pick up the stitches around the collar and sides for Little One’s jacket. It’s knit club tonight thank God so if I screw it up I can get expert help. I quite often fail on technicalities mainly because I’m so impatient. But this time I’m following my knitting bible Vogue Knitting.Continue reading “Technicalities of my knitting life”