Manhattan Abbey

Well, I’ve joined my first knitting swap. A US Based one, run by Subway Knits, based on Downton Abbey. Barking mad but then isn’t that what it’s al about when you get down to it? You can read about it here. I have answered the very detailed questions and await my allocation with, it has to be said, a fair amount of trepidation. I do not shine in knitting or crochet so I will have to work on this one. But I like a challenge so hey ho.

In other news, I have started my Scarf of Doom. What’s that, I hear you ask? Well, did you see BBC Breakfast TV a couple of weeks back? Did you see a very cheerful, blue- haired lady knitting a ahem, memorable, scarf while enthusing about the joys of the ( knitting ) needle? She’s called Deadly Knitshade and she’s lovely. Unfortunately, quite a few bods took umbrage at the free form nature of said scarf and she took a bit of an Internet pounding. The scarf is her response and is a wooly ‘up yours’ to all those yarn police, naysayers. Good grief, it’s just knitting! Anyway, here’s where I’ve got to thus far. I plan on finishing it tonight to wear with pride over the weekenD. Laters!



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