Do you know somebody who gives themselves too much, so much that they end up getting over stressed, accident prone and ultimately, damaging their own relationships because they are so focused on helping others? Yes? I think we all do.  If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who consistently putsContinue reading “Ring”


Funny times chez Stitch…shifts in circles, changes in routine, ever growing and developing children, challenges both big and small…so how do you keep an even keel? How do you make sure you are true to yourself? There’s no real answer to that I suppose but things I have learnt this week towards that goal areContinue reading “Level”

Richter scales

I feel like a property developer, I have so may blogs. So many houses within which to live and write and paint. And I like it that way, I need space, I know that now. So, I’m keeping this blog – I reread this post tonight and it has reminded me why I started allContinue reading “Richter scales”

Return ticket

I have been away this weekend. Away from home and family, just by myself, being quiet and still. Well, not that still. I managed to go for a long walk yesterday, visit my old home town, do some shopping, learn how to make wire work jewellery (thanks Craftsy), make some earrings, write a couple ofContinue reading “Return ticket”

Brass monkey

By God but it’s cold today isn’t it guys?. I’m so lucky, my friends really helped me out today. My little car was going in for an MOT.this obviously left me without wheels. And the weather was appalling., My friends got me through it and I’ve had a lovely day including my new art class,Continue reading “Brass monkey”