Want to blogalong?

It’s been a period of change here at Stitch Towers. I’m still finalising my plans but I think my future is going to encompass a variety of different styles of working. An economic sampler of sorts. How very modern of me! Actually, it’s quite exciting and daunting at the same time but I’m aiming for a mix of employed and self employed work while spending a bit more time with the family, domestic stuff and (hooray) creative happy times. Can’t forget the healing powers of a lovely skein of wool or bolt of fabric. Or indeed artwork by my boys, an example of which is given at the bottom for your enjoyment. I am slightly hazy as to content or theme but I like it anyway. But then I would.

In case you’re bored of me banging on about The Redundancy (and I don’t blame you, I’m getting a bit fed up of it too…onwards and upwards everyone) I’ve another Big Thing going on as follows:

You may have spotted the new button to the right of this post…yes Mumsnet are running a Blogfest on 10 November in London which I am looking forward to verrrrrry much. Not least because I’m going to pump the experts about the business opportunities and implications of blogging. Good advice is gold and I’m taking a pick axe with me.

As part of the day (because Im obviously not busy enough at the moment) I’m organising a live blogathon, along the lines of my Festival of Quilts opus, but this time a joint effort with other members of the MN Bloggers Network. If you are a MN blogger coming along to the event and want to take a slot please send me an email or PM me on MN and I will put your name onto my pretty rota page. The page will be added in the next day or so.

The idea being that we have a single page collecting the links to everyone’s posts which, when read together, will provide a real time review/comment on how the day is going (or not). In true MN fashion I would propose the contributions are self policed but I will be keeping an eye out for anything trollish. No trip trap trip trap tripping on THIS blog, no sir.

I’m looking forward to meeting some of the other bloggers who I natter to over the t’internet. I’ll be the one with the knitting needles and/or crochet hook sticking out of my overly capacious handbag and a pick axe over my shoulder. I hope you’re coming along…should be a laugh. But, if you can’t you can soak up the atmosphere by following along at home. There, that’s more interesting than Statutory Redundancy Pay and Employment Law. Isn’t it?!



16 responses to “Want to blogalong?”

  1. Is it a competition? The picture is a Mum (you?) with a jelly castle on a plate! Did I win?…….have been offline for a few months since retiring, great to be back & I seem to have missed all the redundancy blogs.


  2. I love your economic sampler analogy, and it perfectly reflects where I am at the moment too. I am really enjoying this phase in life, and I hope that it brings you peace and fulfilment too.

    Am also very much looking forward to the BlogFest, and will certainly join the Blogalong. Will PM you.


    1. Brilliant. Thanks very much. I’m looking forward to actually checking whether we all really exist! As to peace, well I’m looking….


  3. Hi there, just directed here from the mumsnet page. I’m coming along and looking forward to clarification and escape! My name is Catherine and I will email you with my details and perhaps meet up? Pick axe or knitting needles?


  4. Hi there, just been shepherded here through the mumsnet page. My name is Catherine and I’m coming over from Italy and think I’d like to blogalong. I’ll send on my details and hope to meet up. Pick axe or knitting needles? I’m more used to the axe..


    1. Thanks Catherine. I’ve not ok’d yr final comment as I didn’t want your email address to go public, but I’ve got it. Thanks 🙂


  5. I don’t mind a bit of blogalong stuff. Did some reporting for Britmums conference. Count me in!


    1. Ooooo a voice of experience. Excellent. Thanks!


  6. Inwant to blogalongof course!


  7. […] meet each other. The biggest dilemma will be what to wear. I also am lucky that my real life friend Stitch This will also be going, and is hosting a live blogalong, so even if you can’t make it you can follow the goings on and […]


  8. This is my first event like this, but I want to join in and get the most out of it as possible, so please add me to the list!


    1. Fab! You’re on. Which session do you want to cover?


      1. I’m doing the Social Media, Getting Published and Blogging Can Change the World sessions and am happy to talk about any of these – although you might have to give me some more instructions as I’m not sure how the Linky thing works…..(sorry, I’m still fairly new to all of this!)


      2. Great! I’ll be doing a post on what to do either today or Friday. Thankyou!


      3. Lisa do you want to do the blogging can change the world slot?


      4. Yes – can do


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