Lets stick together

So, lets look forward…quite frankly, the present is too tedious to focus on…what’s coming up here at Stitchopolis? Well, my New Year’s Resolution was to declutter and Choose Life. I see no reason to abandon this goal. I’ve done some serious decluttering this year, actively and passively. And that means space. Space to create aContinue reading “Lets stick together”

Want to blogalong?

It’s been a period of change here at Stitch Towers. I’m still finalising my plans but I think my future is going to encompass a variety of different styles of working. An economic sampler of sorts. How very modern of me! Actually, it’s quite exciting and daunting at the same time but I’m aiming forContinue reading “Want to blogalong?”

I’ve always liked Status Quo

  I was always the sensible one in our family. I did a sensible degree, I have a sensible job and have settled down very sensibly with husband and two lovely boys. Oh, I like a plan. And yet. Life can throw you a curve ball at any point and it doesn’t matter how sensibleContinue reading “I’ve always liked Status Quo”

Mind your Manors

OK, so I couldn’t help the title of this post. We went to a very good friend’s house today for a lovely day of picnics, screaming children, cups of tea, splashing in rivers and general mayhem. The difference being that this beautiful house is over 30 miles away from us and the aforementioned friend hasContinue reading “Mind your Manors”

Solidarity, female stylee

I am a feminist. I have been lucky enough to have been able to get a good educashun, a good job and be independant. My mother and father did me a great service by ramming home the messaeg that education is a key to a better life. What I had never appreciated until I had theContinue reading “Solidarity, female stylee”

The one I’ve been putting off

Mumsnet have been running a brilliant campaign for a Miscarriage Code of Conduct. As part of it we bloggers have been askeD to share our thoughts and experiences. Here’s the link and here goes…. All my life I’ve quite enjoyed being slightly apart and ‘indie’ but here’s a club I find myself thrust into andContinue reading “The one I’ve been putting off”

There’s a hole…

Inspired by Cheria’s blog and My Mumsnet companions, here’s my bucket list dear Liza, dear Liza…. Go to Iceland – I’ve been in love with the place since Echo and the Bunnymen went there in their ‘Porcupine’ days Go to Japan – eat sushi and drink tea and visit hello kitty world, plus Japanese quiltsContinue reading “There’s a hole…”

The magnificent 7

This blog is very much a small fry, cottage Industry type of affair. Even since I’ve been part of the Mumsnet Network I’ve had very modest traffic and tbh that suits me (most of the time, occasionally I fantasise about world domination). The regular readers are a small but perfectly formed bunch. Which makes meContinue reading “The magnificent 7”