I have an itch, I have a scratch
I sometimes wonder if I can match
My old ways, my triumphs,
my career success.
Will I ever, like I once did, get power dressed?

My glories have gone now
I’m off the fast track
I’ve stepped down and slowed down
I’ll never go back.

But I am not slower
Well, life hasn’t receded.
I’m still in the game girls
I’m still very much needed.

I’m just not a desk bunny
I have two small boys
They scream and they scooter
They make so much noise.

But they need their mother
They don’t need a shell
I have to get past sad
And keep myself well

It’s boring and hard work
I’m not good at sense
I don’t go to bed right
I drip self defence.

I’ll get there I’ll make it
I’ll nail it spot on
I have to not
Let’s face it
If I don’t I’ll go wrong

So have patience
Bear with me
Hang in there with me
And one day
You’ll see me
And not think PD.


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