Brass monkey

By God but it’s cold today isn’t it guys?. I’m so lucky, my friends really helped me out today. My little car was going in for an MOT.this obviously left me without wheels. And the weather was appalling., My friends got me through it and I’ve had a lovely day including my new art class, life drawing. Do you want to see how I did? Here’s my latest effort. I’m really enjoying it. The scribble in the right hand side isThe beginning of a burst of Aphrodite which was in the background of the setting. I feel I need to explain that one because it’s not obvious!


sometimes, just sometimes, the plus side of Parkinson’s is revealed. If I wasn’t ill I would never have been at that class. And I wouldn’t have the friends I have either. No, it’s not all bad. And certainly not as bad as this  weather. I hope you are inside and warm.


2 responses to “Brass monkey”

  1. I hope your model was sufficiently warm… the places I have attended life classes always seem to be drafty halls and our models ended up with heaters directed at them…


    1. There were no goosebumps to draw…

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