Arnold’s song, or total recall

How do you remember?
Cast your mind far behind to the past.
Is it taste, smell or touch
Which one gives you a rush?
Which one transports you through space and time?

Recognition is fickle,
And synapses crackle
With altered results every go.
Which version of truth
Is the one you produce
Is it the shiniest one that you show ?

Nostalgia is tinted and this we all know,
A production, a piece.
You’re the star.
And we love to embroider,
And will tend to avoid
Deep dark shadows that lurk
Far below.

So what is your favorite?
And Where do you go?
Is your view clear and truthful or skewed.
Do you need true perspective for your retrospective
To have value?
I don’t think you do.

For your choice can’t be wrong
Its for you, no one else
It’s the way your mind paints on its wall.
My wall’s covered in scribbles
All my thoughts
All my babbles.
Here it is
Opened up to you all

Every word every mark
Is collected and noted
And if Memories fade?
How to feel?
I’ll refer back to see
What has happened to me
And I’ll hope that my recall is real.




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    I worry about memory loss…here are some thoughts


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