Down at the old Bull and Bush…

Back to work tomorrow. I have been getting used to not being frazzled so am a little worried but on the other hand my lists have been going very well today so I have to have faith, don’t I? Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff. I’ve been clearing the decks so as to reduce stress overall and that includes finishing some projects. Yes, dear reader, I am going to try to complete something!

Today I got round to dying the skirt I refashioNed a while back. Remember? Very pink no? Well, no longer. Look!

I’m loving it. Much more wearable. I’m going to cover the white stitching on the hem with some dyed trim I did at the same time comme ça…

I can’t stand to waste so I dyed a white shirt with a blue floral pattern at the same time. I quite like the result, a sort of denim tone on tone effect. The shirt was from charity which I then cut down for Elder to use as a messy craft shirt. But he’s never really used it so I’m reclaiming it.

I also got some vintage knitting and crochet books and mags. Here’s a fab encyclopaedia of knitting from the ’50’s…in the introduction they say…”I know there are those who say that knitting is a dying craft…away with such false prophets!” I’m with the authors on that one.

Anyway, a little random today but that’s me I’m afraid. One reminder of the giveaway btw. In case you haven’t had a chance to add a comment yet. Ahem.


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