Calling all female superheroes!

Do you like my sparkle?

It’s Elder’s 5th birthday soon and we’re having a superhero party. Did I mention that already? Anyway all the little girls (and there’s  few) are in a tizzy about what to wear – there are precious few female superheroes out there. So far we have Lava Girl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and my favourite, Superfairy. And one of those is a baddie. I give up. We need new goddesses – LaundryLady, DishwasherDiva, WorkingWonderWife, MegaMum – I think we should start a revolution…………..


4 responses to “Calling all female superheroes!”

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  2. How relevant to me right now! Youngest (5 years old, female) has been invited to a superhero party (she’s got a lot of boy friends). I’m planning on inventing a superhero with pink leggings and a homemade cape / mask ensemble (probaby also pink). Must find time to a) shop and b) sew. I do hope my sewing machine still works!

    I kind of resent the inherent sexiness of all those superladies (wasn’t there a Supergirl once upon a time?). It doesn’t seem appropriate for the age group.

    By the way, is Superfairy “real”? (Insofar as any superhero is real, that is. I once participated in a music blog where we were trying to find songs about superheroes and there were a few vociferous voices that insisted on a “pantheon” or “canon” of superheroes; in some cases only those approved by Marvel and/or DC were deemed acceptable!)


    1. Oh, and the responses didn’t through up very many female superhero suggestions at all. It was noted at the time.


      1. Through??! Throw. Apologies.


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