Survival in the City

To First Great Western’s 06.30 to London – blurgh! School term started yesterday for Elder (all OK) and mine starts today. Wow, getting up was ‘interesting’. So, to speed along the journey I thought I’d publish my train survival guide. Any suggestions to enhance the commute experience will be road(track?) tested and reported back on…

Do not sit in the Entertainment carriage – WHY put a telly in the seat in front of you? And you can’t switch the screen off. I’ve tried.

Bring anything healthy to eat with you. There’s nothing that is vaguely fresh, light or non-artery clogging on board.

Indulge in a cuppa instead. They can’t screw up water can they? Can they?

Sit facing backwards. My theory is that in the event of a sudden stop you have a lower chance of being chucked across the carriage. Cheerful? You bet.

Do some work. Just a bit. Then you can sweep into the office safe in the knowledge you’ve already emailed everyone really early in the morning thereby showing how dedicated you are. Ahem.

Then do some knitting/crochet/stitching – not only is it a way of having something tangible to show for all that time, you can make lots of new friends. It’s amazing what people will chat about to a knitter. Pointy sticks obviously make you appear harmless.

And listen to your music/downloaded blog or book as you stitch. I have a train playlist stuffed full of anti-establishment anthems. I get all Revolutionary in preparation for coping with Big London.

Enjoy the ‘me’ time. Ok, you’re on a train but you got to finish that tea, didn’t you?!

We’ve just arrived. Gotta go. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Survival in the City”

  1. There’s an Entertainment carriage? Why? There never used to be when I was criss-crossing the country by rail in my student days… but that was quite a long time ago.


    1. God, they’re awful. I’ve never seen anyone actually watching them either. Can’t stand them.


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