More tea vicar?


Back from our works party. Very civilised tea party at Bea’s of Bloomsbury in St Paul’s. Cakes good. Tea excellent. Speed of serving (very ordinary) fizz absolutely rubbish. But they had teapot lamps so I can forgive quite a lot.

Did I ever talk about how Parkinson’s affects your facial muscles? Some lucky folk experience freezing or stiffness which results in a mask-like appearance and sadly it’s not a party mask. More a faintly disapproving but bored rigid dowager aunt. I suspect I am becoming one of these lucky ones and am increasingly aware of it.

Quite frankly I am a bit cross about this one. I can cope with being slower than normal. I can work with managing the tiredness most days. But to have friends, family and colleagues thinking I’m a boring cow – well, that’s personal and not on.

Why am I yelping about this now? Because its social gatherings that make me aware of it. Blardy annoying. I need to start doing facial exercises. So if you see me pulling funny faces don’t think I’ve lost the few marbles I have – I’m preserving my external personality, that’s all.

What a philosophical cup of tea that turned out to be. I must be growing up. Not if I can help it. Oh no.


5 responses to “More tea vicar?”

  1. Greetings! Your review popped up in my google alerts! 🙂 My name is Bea and I’m the owner of the shop–thank you so much for enjoying the afternoon tea! Apologies for the service today, the till went kaput so the staff had to use a calculator for most of the day while I installed a new one, but I was concerned about the Champagne remark–currently we use Moet and Chandon, but I do know we had run out yesterday, so in the meantime have been using our Ruinart Champagne supply (also part of LVMH) which is actually more expensive–is Ruinart Champagne just not as good tasting? (I can’t drink as I’m allergic to alcohol.) If not we’ll remove it from our menu and just make sure we always have Moet in stock. 🙂




    1. Thanks for your reply. Maybe it wasn’t served properly or indeed maybe it was my taste buds. I’m quite willing to be outed as a champagne philistine. Can I suggest that the fizz is brought to the table in the bottle and poured there. That way it’s ‘fresh’ and you get your drinks in good time. I must say though, the red velvet cakes in particular was lovely.


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  3. ‘Tis the things that erode your perceived personality that are really annoying.


    1. Couldn’t agree more


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